11 Tips to Staying Hydrated & Energized this Summer

July 01, 2016 2 Comments

11 Tips to Staying Hydrated & Energized this Summer

Did you know that chronic dehydration is the leading cause of fatigue and low energy? Experts say that over 75% of adults in the U.S. are chronically dehydrated even when they drink plenty of water. That's because not all water is created equal. A lot of the water options available might taste good but lack some of the key nutrients our bodies need to function properly. 

Water has a profound influence on your energy and health. Your cells lose 10% of their energy for every 1% they are dehydrated.  Because many people are hydrated, people can experience an average daily energy loss at the cellular level of 20% to 30%.

So what does dehydration look like?

Signs of Dehydration per Mayo Clinic

Mild to moderate dehydration is likely to cause:
  • Dry, sticky mouth
  • Sleepiness or tiredness — children are likely to be less active than usual
  • Dry skin
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
Severe dehydration, a medical emergency, can cause:
  • Extreme fussiness or sleepiness in infants and children; irritability and confusion in adults
  • Shriveled and dry skin that lacks elasticity and doesn't "bounce back" when pinched into a fold
  • Low blood pressure
  • Rapid heartbeat or breathing
  • Fever
  • In the most serious cases, delirium or unconsciousness

Chronic dehydration is linked to many health problems including stress, chronic fatigue, tiredness, sleep problems, dry skin, digestive problems, allergies, asthma, weight gain, anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure, depression, toxicity, high blood sugar, brain fog and joint pain and immune system problems.

Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated & Active this Summer

Not sure how much water to drink? A good basic rule of thumb is to take your body weight (in pounds) and divide it by 2. This is the number of ounces of water that you need to drink each day.

For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you need to drink 80 ounces of water a day. If you have a health condition, talk to your doctor about what's right for you. 

Here are some other helpful tips:

  1. Two hours before playing beach volleyball, going for a run or other exercise, drink 2 cups (16 ounces) of fluids. Make sure to stay hydrated during and after exercise too.

  2. Choose foods high in water like most fruits and vegetables. A slice of watermelon on a hot summer day is a great snack and fluid booster.

  3. Add electrolytes to your water. If you've ever felt drained or sluggish after a day in the hot sun or a tough workout, your body may be telling you that it needs more electrolytes.

  4. If you're really active and/or live in a really hot climate, you can revitalize and recharge your body’s natural energy source by simply taking Electrolyte Stamina Tablets

  5. Reduce or eliminate beverages like alcohol, coffee, soda, and other drinks that contain caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners, synthetic nutrients, etc. You shouldn't drink the fake stuff anyway. 

  6. Avoid high sodium foods, chemicals and preservatives. Even if you're not dehydrated, you should avoid these foods anyway. 

  7. Eliminate all iodized (table) salt and replace with small amounts of pure sea salt like our gourmet sea salts or Himalayan salt.

  8. Drink a lot of fluids, especially on hot, dry, and windy days.

  9. Drink fluids, even if not thirsty. If you wait until you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

  10. Check your urine. Monitor the volume and color of your urine to determine your hydration level using the chart below.

  11. Spray a little royal purple organic perfume in the palm of your hands, rub your hands dry, close your eyes, and inhale few times. Repeat as necessary. The scent is spicy and energizing.

To make drinking water more interesting, I often add lemon or mint to my water. I also find that drinking a good amount of water right when I wake up sets me up for success.

How do you stay hydrated? I'd love to hear from you.  

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Rachel Lavern
Rachel Lavern

April 14, 2016

I recently learned that we can mistake dehydration for hunger or cravings. Since discovering that, I take a moment and drink a glass or two of water when cravings start and sometimes it is just what I needed.

Even if we were truly hungry, the water will help to make you fill fuller (without adding any calories to your daily intake), so you’ll not need to eat as much later

Rachel recently posted What Chains Are Holding You Back?

Caroline Sarda
Caroline Sarda

April 14, 2016

You are so right Rachel. When are often dehydrated when we feel hungry. I do the same thing you do. I drink water every time I feel hungry and it’s amazing how quickly the hunger goes away. Thanks for sharing!

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