BASS 100% Bamboo Vegetable Bristles Body Brush #80-D

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  • Specifically chosen to make dry brushing easy and effective, BASS Brush #80 is the perfect body brush with its detachable handle and natural vegetable bristles. You will receive either one with stripes or a solid one. 

    • Vegan - 100% Natural Vegetable Bristles 
    • Long detachable handle made of 100% bamboo wood- helps with those hard-to-reach places like your back
    • Firm
  • Dry Brushing Benefits

    • Improves circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage – since blood and lymph are two channels of elimination, dry brushing helps your body’s detoxification along.
    • Stimulates circulation - helps bring oxygenated blood to your organs making them work more efficiently.
    • Removes dead skin – This leaves your skin smoother and brighter. Also, skin clogged by dead skin and toxins can’t function properly so what better way to help it along than by the simple act of dry brushing?
    • Firms up the skin – Who doesn’t want firmer skin? I know I do!
    • Reduces the appearance of cellulite – Since cellulite is the result of impurities trapped in fat cells, it would make sense that dry brushing would help reduce those unwanted dimples.
  • There's a lot of conflicting info about the proper technique for dry brushing but here are some basic instructions to get you going. This is not rocket science!

    Begin with your feet, brushing with gentle, long, upward or circular movements towards your heart or navel (depending on who you read). Avoid back and forth movements. This upward movement mimics the flow of the lymphatic fluid.

    It’s normal for your skin to be a little flushed after dry brushing because of the increased circulation. If your skin is irritated or red, however, you’re applying too much pressure.

    The whole process should take no more than 5 minutes.

    Avoid areas where you have varicose veins, cuts, sores, wounds, or a rash... 

Type: Body Care

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