Whodini Sisters Bloody Mary Potion

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Made with only premium ingredients, organic where possible, our new Whodini Sisters Bloody Mary Potion was designed to taste exactly like a Bloody Mary you would make from scratch at home, only fast and perfectly balanced every time. Enjoy a consistently perfect fresh, light, and delicious Bloody Mary in no time.

It's all-natural, gluten-free, and preservative-free yet it has a naturally very long shelf life. Just refrigerate once opened.

This is not a Bloody Mary Mix but a Bloody Mary Seasoning. What makes it soooo good is that the Bloody Mary Potion is added to the tomato juice shortly before serving. That allows the various spice flavors to remain bold and distinctive and be savored in your cocktail.

So whether you're an aspiring mixologist, want to take Sunday brunch to a whole new level, or are looking for a memorable hostess gift, your Bloody Mary's will be the talk of the town.

Just mix 1 part Whodini Sisters Bloody Mary Potion, 4 parts tomato juice, and 2 parts vodka (if desired) to serve the perfect Bloody Mary. It is best stirred not shaken and served on ice. 

12 oz bottle = 16 servings

Type: Beverage

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