Gourmet Black Lava Sea Salt Refill (Coarse)

  • Black Lava Sea Salt is like no other sea salt in the world! Unlike many specialty salts which are mined from land deposits, it is freshly harvested to ensure the perfect balance of color, moisture, and superb taste. It will dazzle the eye and add bold flavor to any dish.  

    This Black Lava Sea Salt is a must-have for everyone not just chefs! It's sure to cause a sensation at the dinner table because of its dramatic look and taste.

    It is not a cooking salt... It is a finishing salt, meaning it is intended for use on a dish, to add a bold and dramatic look and flavor.

    Our Black Lava Sea Salt:

    • Contains naturally-occuring trace minerals and electrolytes
    • Is unheated and untreated sea salt 
    • Non-GMO
    • Has a nutty and smoky flavor

    It goes well with all types of roasts, steaks, pan-seared halibut or tuna fillet, salmon, potatoes, salads, and vegetables. You can also use it to make a mask or scrub. 

    Comes in a 6 oz pouch.

    Produced in Hawaii. Packaged with love in Nevada. 

  • Hawaiian white sea salt and premium activated coconut shell charcoal
  • Grind over any dish to add a smoky flavor and a dramatic presentation 

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