Body Oils

The Altearah Body Oils are 100% certified organic and do not leave your skin feeling oily. They can be used as a daily moisturizer and/or for their therapeutic benefits.

For example, I use the Silver Oil on my face as an anti-aging night moisturizer. I use the Red Oil on my thighs after the shower as an anti-cellulite treatment. I use the Gold Oil all over my body because I love the scent. I use the Orange Oil on my belly when I have menstrual cramps. It also has a wonderful scent and is one of my favorites along with Indigo. 
  • Non greasy and soft to the touch
  • Nourish, repair and tone the skin
  • Maintain hydration throughout the day
  • Feel the benefits of the essential oils all day long

Ingredients: Organic sesame seed oil, organic apricot kernel oil, and 10% organic essential oils.

Understand what each color means so you can easily pick the color(s) you need.