Thyroid Issues: Is a Pill the Only Solution?

July 01, 2016

Thyroid Issues: Is a Pill the Only Solution?

I've always heard that if you have a thyroid condition, whether it be hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, you can't treat it naturally and that you have to take a pill for the rest of your life. Have you heard the same thing? Do you have thyroid issues?

I was diagnosed in 2013 with a hypothyroid condition. It wasn't the first time. When I was in college in the mid 90s, I was tired. And when I say I was tired, I was exhausted… to the point that I would fall asleep in class, on the bus on my way home (I lived in San Francisco at the time)…It was no bueno. I just couldn't function.

Needless to say that after three weeks, I went to see a doctor. The culprit? I had hypothyroidism, something that runs in my immediate and extended family.

I started taking medication and before I knew it, life was back to normal. Fast forward a few years. I'm now 23 and I'm seeing a new doctor who wants to take me off my thyroid medication. Why? He thinks I'm too young to be on medication. I welcomed the idea of not taking any meds and never took a thyroid pill again.

I've had annual checkups to test my thyroid every since. It remained in the normal range except for once in 2008 and again in 2013. 

Since health is my passion, my life, my business, I thought I'd experiment and see if it is true that the only way to treat a thyroid condition is with a pill. 

You know me. I don't believe in the status quo. I also love to test and experiment...  I want to find what works and doesn't work so I can share it with you and we can all live healthfully and indulge wholeheartedly.

Over the years, I've tried different things. I saw an amazing acupuncturist and took Chinese herbs. I also took Kelp capsules and added Maca powder to my smoothies on a regular basis. Those, along with iodine, are two supplements that I read helped with hypothyroidisms so I thought I'd give them a try. The Maca also helps with energy, libido… It's widely popular even if you don't have a thyroid condition.

I've also taken different iodine supplements like Iodoral and Detoxadine. I never noticed much with the Iodoral even though from all the research I did, it's helped so many people. Detoxadine, on the other hand, had an immediate effect on it. It's from thousands of feet below the earth's surface and is bioavailable. I've only been on it for 3 days and feel that the fog has been lifted and my energy levels are more or less back to normal. 

I wish I could tell you that it's the acupuncture or the iodine that helps me regulate my thyroid but I don't know. Maybe is the combination of what I do and my determination to fight this condition that leads to my victories. 

What I've decided to do differently this time is to keep taking iodine. Before, I would stop everything once my thyroid was back to normal. I am tired of the ups and downs I've had over the past few years so now want to see if my thyroid will stay regular with at least a daily dose of Detoxadine.

I still haven't found the perfect answer since I still struggle with hypothyroidism on and off. I will continue to experiment and share with you my findings.

While I am no doctor and can't recommend that anyone "play" with their health like I do, I want to leave you with this thought. Don't believe everything you hear. Be your best health advocate, research, talk to your doctor about options and ask for second opinions.

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