Organic Perfume Sampler: Choose up to 5

Looking for organic perfumes but not sure which color to choose? Look no further. For your aromatic delight, you can sample five colors with this nifty sampler kit.  These perfumes are handcrafted in Provence to influence your mood, emotions, and energy through their colors and scents.

Use Altearah's perfumes as a new way to perfume and care for yourself so you can experience immediate well being anytime and anywhere. These perfumes, organized in a range of colors, each chosen according to their effect, can either be worn as a daily perfume or breathed in several times a day as a simple and fun way to enhance your well-being.

So now's the perfect time to try before you buy. If you're still not sure which color(s) to choose, feel free to contact Caroline, your color expert.


    Type: Perfumes

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