Silver Organic Perfume: Repair

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  • Restore balance and calm with the Altearah Silver Organic Perfume.

    Silver is the color of repair. It aligns the energy fields after a shock, or physical, energetic, emotional or psychological trauma. 

    Silver is healing and THE color to have for emergencies. It is equivalent to the Rescue Remedy.

    Silver helps when distracted and destabilized. It soothes the nervous system and reduces emotional overwhelm.

    The scent is fresh and nurturing.

    Handcrafted in France. 30ml / 1 fl oz

  • Organic cereal alcohol, organic essential oils of Sweet Orange, Lavender, Helichrysum, Geranium, Fragrances (Essential Oils). 
  • You can use this perfume several ways.
    • As a perfume by spraying lightly on the hollow of your neck or your wrist to give a special color to your day.
    • Therapeutic benefits: Spray 2 - 3 times in the palm of your hands, rub together, then place them near your face, close your eyes, and breathe in deeply several times. Repeat as many times throughout the day.

Type: Perfumes

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