14-Color Perfume Set: 30ml

Altearah Bio brings you the ultimate source of well-being with its organic line of color-aromatherapy eau de parfum. These perfumes, through their colors and scents, influence your mood, emotions, and energy.

Organized in a range of 14 colors, each chosen according to their effect, these 14 health-giving and aromatic compositions bring simple and fun solutions to our daily desire for well-being. 

Use Altearah's Perfumes as a new way to perfume and care for yourself so you can experience immediate well-being anytime and anywhere. These perfumes can either be worn as a daily perfume or breathed in several times a day for the rebalancing support you need. You should always have an Altearah Eau de Parfum on you to use everyday! Taking care of yourself has never been so easy and delightfully fragrant! 

Caroline's Comments: This kit has replaced my medicine cabinet. It has served me well for years and know it can do the same for you. It's wonderful having the essential oil blends because you don't have to play chemist and mix this and that essential oil to get the desired results.   

What You Get in This Kit:

  • 14 Perfumes 30 ml (one of each color)
  • Beautiful box 

Handcrafted in France.

Type: Perfumes

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