14-Color Organic Parfum de Soin Discovery Box

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Looking for organic perfumes but not sure which color to choose from? Look no further. For your aromatic delight, you can have them all with this nifty 14-color box set.  These perfumes are handcrafted in Provence to influence your mood, emotions, and energy through their colors and scents.

Each bottle is 5 ml making this set perfect for your handbag or when traveling.

Use Altearah's perfumes as a new way to perfume and care for yourself so you can experience immediate well being anytime and anywhere. These perfumes, organized in a range of 14 colors, each chosen according to their effect, can either be worn as a daily perfume or breathed in several times a day as a simple and fun way to enhance your well-being.

Caroline's Comment: You should always have an Altearah Parfum de Soin near you! Taking care of you has never been so easy and delightfully fragrant!  

Handcrafted in France. 14 x 5 ml  

    Type: Perfumes


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