Slimmer Silhouette Ultra Body Sculpting System

  *** These home systems are no longer being sold by the company. Once I run out, we will not be able to get them anymore.  In order to get the benefits of a sculpting session, you'd have to go to a professional who would charge you at least $2400 for 12 sessions.  ***

Please note that the kit comes in a canvas bag and not a box as shown in the image. 


"When my good friend Dee called me super excited that she had just experienced a boost in energy and had an overall 8-inch loss around her body in just one Slimmer Silhouette treatment, losing about an inch under her chin, an inch around her waist, an inch around each thigh and the rest around her buttocks, knees, calves and arms, I was all ears. Dee had been dragging, with low energy and gradually putting on weight because of an injured knee that prevented her from walking and exercising. As she continued with her weekly treatments, she lost more inches in the places that mattered to her. The inches kept coming off, the energy stayed high, and Dee now not only had energy, all her clothes were fitting more losely – she was a changed woman both in how she looks and in her outlook on life.

She finally was able to put away the oversized black tops and bottoms she'd been wearing every day and get into clothes she hadn’t worn in over a year. She was ecstatic. Being in the health and beauty business myself and obsessed with looking for ways to help people with the way they look and feelI I had to try this Slimmer Silhouette miracle treatment. We perceive others who are healthy as beautiful and vice versa and this body sculpting system is the key to both.

I am not a big girl to begin with but I do have extra fat around my mid section, buttocks and thighs, areas I have always struggled with. One treatment later, I had a flatter belly, a smaller waist, had dropped over 5 inches and I was in love. Ever since that first treatment, I have had many people ask me if I’ve lost weight because I look a lot more slender.  

Now, six treatments later, I am down one pant size and lost between 3-7 inches per treatment. Can you imagine losing so much that you can wear a pant size smaller in a matter of weeks? And it's not just about waist size, they fit looser around my thighs too! "  -- Caroline Sarda, Founder, XL Vita

What Others Are Saying

“I tried the full body wraps and was delighted with the outcome. I lost a total of 3.5 inches. The two best things were that it actually helped with the pain I was having in my shoulders. I was able to move my arms up and down with no pain at all! The second part was how much energy I had after. Amazing!” - Deborah S. (Personal Trainer and Founder of Corefit) “

...made my 5lb weight lost look like I lost as much as 15lbs.” - Dr. Tawn Hauptli

“From my perspective as a physician, Slimmer Silhouette®, body wraps provide a number of health benefits patients won't find in any other product. Slimmer Silhouette® works to provide you many of the substances your body needs. My patients notice the difference not only in their figures but in the way they feel. They have more sustained vitality using Slimmer Silhouette®, than with any other product I recommend. So you not only look better, but you feel better as well. I can't recommend it highly enough. For optimal health, Slimmer Silhouette®, should be part of everyone's regime.” - Thom E Lobe, MD (Founder, Rejuveneda medical Group Beverly Hills, CA)

“I lost an overall 9 inches after only one body wrap. It's the most amazing thing I have ever done. I've tried Slimmer Silhouette® three times now and it tightened my skin, plus I saw the effect immediately in some areas. Another, and perhaps more important, aspect to the wrap session was the stress relief. The day to day operations of a non-profit and dealing with Congress on legislative matters can play havoc with an individual, both physically and mentally. Slimmer Silhouette® has helped alleviate the pressures that come with both my career and charity. I am approached by a lot of people with products, but this really works. I would and have recommended it to my friends and family.“ - Tippi Hedren (Actress/Activist/Founder of The ROAR Foundation and Shambala)

“I love Slimmer Silhouette! It has been over a year since I began doing wraps. The exciting thing that happened was that it jump-started my weight-loss! I have kept off that extra 10 lbs. for the whole year. In addition, I have more energy, I have been healthier, and I feel great! Plus it has been the one consistent savior to my yo-yo weight gain and loss! I cannot praise Slimmer Silhouette enough! I am hooked for life! Thank you!“  - Missy Bystrom (Author, Speaker, CEO of The Organized Connection)

What's different about the Slimmer Silhouette Ultra Body Sculpting System? This is not a fat-loss, weight-loss, water-loss sweat treatment that you typically see.  There's no sweating involved.   Instead, we combine 100% cotton latex-free bandages and a powerful all-natural trace mineral solution that delivers maximum tightening and toning results all over your body.

Who should use the Slimmer Silhouette Ultra Body Sculpting System?

  • Men and Women Wanting to Lose Those Extra Pounds
  • If you'd like to make those 5 lbs lost look like 15 lbs.
  • If you would like to get into those jeans that are a couple or more sizes too tight for you
  • Eliminate those extra inches that would make your body look and feel more fabulous
  • Easily recapture your dream shape without lipo-suction, drugs, fad diets that don't work, or stimulants
  • Perfect companion to a weight-loss program - use as recommended while losing weight to keep your skin tight and avoid skin surgery
  • New Moms or Women with Small Children
  • If you're a new mother who wants to get her pre-baby body back by tightening and toning her belly and other parts too
  • Allow yourself to wear those sexy and flattering clothes that actually make you feel great
  • Regain control of your physique!  Let every year that passes make you better in every way
  • People Interested in Prevention and Taking Care of Their Health/Beauty
  • Get rid of impurities and minimize fat cells that just don't belong and cause havoc in your body
  • You just simply want to have the sexier body you thought was beyond your dreams
  • You want to have your optimum body with an easy at-home treatment without breaking the bank Attain the body you deserve and want as well as the image of vitality that comes with it
  • Reverse the trend and bring out that sexier you that is dying to come out Get that double take from the handsome man or woman crossing your path
  • Unleash that sexy look that you know is within you Lowering the bar may be for others; for you it is not negotiable
  • Celebrities use this method to attain great results and to look and feel years younger; of course you can too! Baby Boomers Get rid of what's giving you that "frumpy" look
  • Finally reverse that nagging body aging sign that you really don't want to live with
  • Don't allow that "grannie" look to creep into the life of the vibrant you
  • Stop believing that just because your body is older that it has to look older, especially when the solution is at your finger tips 

Benefits of Using The Slimmer Silhouette Ultra Body Sculpting System

  • You pay a fraction of what spas or surgery would cost, $345 not $2000 to $15,000
  • You get it delivered to your home. 
  • You decide when it's convenient to treat yourself - no need to travel, no need for appointments
  • If you can use your phone and have normal range of motion you can wrap yourself, say in your bathroom--you get the easy step-by-step instruction booklet and DVD; no need to go to expensive public spa or doctor's office.
  • Spend time on yourself twice a week for six weeks, then once a month to maintain your fabulous new look.
  • You may have to get a new wardrobe that is a bit tighter fitting, but not too soon because you may have to repeat the shopping trip to keep your body from "swimming" in your old clothes.

With Slimmer Silhouette, know that you can always call us with questions. We also just love to hear you bragging a little about the results you are getting.

Why We All Can Benefit from the Slimmer Silhouette Body Sculpting System 

Do you want get healthy while tightening, toning and losing inches in the process?

Do you struggle with that tire around your waist or those love handles?

Now you can easily do that and so much more with Slimmer Silhouette® Body Wrap, a body sculpting system that’s formulated to reduce inches, diminish cellulite, smooth and tighten skin and helps to remove impurities for a healthful experience by using natural cotton wrapping bandages and an all-natural mineral solution.

Your body is constantly exposed to toxins that can have a detrimental effect on your cells function or structure. Some toxins can lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or several types of Cancer. Common toxins are found in drug residues, alcohol, tobacco, cigarette smoke, preservatives, car fumes, air & water pollution, and cosmetics, just to name a few. In general, toxins have a dramatically negative impact on a person’s overall health and well being.

For best results, use Slimmer Silhouette® once a week for six weeks. Then to maintain your fabulous new look, a monthly treatment should do the trick! 

About the Slimmer Silhouette Body Wrap System

At one time, Slimmer Silhouette Slimming Body Wraps were only available at the doctor's office or an exclusive spa. NOW, you can receive the benefits of this nourishing body sculpting system at home.Best of all Slimmer Silhouette® can be done by yourself in complete privacy.

With our easy step by step wrapping instruction booklet and DVD you will experience the best in mineral spa body wraps. Depending on the desired results, our treatment can be enjoyed as often as two to three times per week. Just give your body a 24-hour break between each wrap in order to completely detoxify. For best results, use Slimmer Silhouette® once a week for six weeks. Then to maintain your fabulous new look, a monthly treatment should do the trick!

The cost of 12 treatments at a health spa might cost you $2,400 - $3,600, but with Slimmer Silhouette® you get the same benefits for just $355!

Note: After years of perfecting this successful system, Slimmer Silhouette is so confident in their product, that if after following the easy to follow step-by-step instructions and using the product as directed, you are not satisfied with the results, call us and we will work with you to attain the results you desire.

What comes in your Slimmer Silhouette Body Sculpting System?

Here is what comes in the Slimmer Silhouette Body Sculpting Kits:

  • 1 Instructional Manual & DVD
  • 1 Re-Hydration Bottle
  • 12 Spa Absorbent Wraps
  • 12 Mineral Treatment Packets
  • XL Vita Exclusive SUPER ACCELERATOR GUIDE - how to get the results you want and how to keep them. (this will be emailed to you)                       
FAQs about Slimmer Silhouette Body Wraps

    Q. How many inches can I lose using Slimmer Silhouette® Body Wraps?
    A. Everyone’s body is unique and responds differently to the body wrap process. Some clients have reported losing as much as 30 overall inches in a single wrap. In twelve wraps, people have reported going down one dress pant size due to the inches lost. Individual results may vary. Remember, that inches lost are a side benefit of the wrap treatment. The main purpose of the wraps is to remineralize your body and to draw out impurities from your fat cells.

    Q. Do the inches stay off?
    A.Once you’ve achieved your desired results, they should be long term, as long as you: maintain your weight, continue with a healthy lifestyle and follow up with maintenance wraps on a regular basis. Be sure to weigh yourself before every treatment. 

    Q. How often should I wrap myself?
    A. For optimal inch-loss results, it is recommended that Slimmer Silhouette® Body Wrap be applied twice a week for 6 weeks, with a three day gap between each application. That is why the 60 day body wrap kit is the #1 recommended body wrap system.

    Q. What is the recommended maintenance program?
    A. Doing a monthly treatment is recommended to help you maintain your fabulous new look. Some people with chronic pain have reported opting for a weekly maintenance program instead to minimize discomfort.

    Q. I am super busy and limited in time. Do I really need to leave the wraps on for 45 minutes?
    A. We recommend 45 minutes for optimal results. If you can't spend 45 minutes, leave the wraps on for 20-25 minutes instead. 

    Q. I am on hormone therapy or a diuretic. Is it ok for me to use the body wraps?
    A. As with any other product, we always recommend consulting with your doctor prior to use. Based on feedback of the 50,000+ people who have used the body wrap treatment, however, women on hormone therapy and/or a diuretic tend to take longer to see results than women not on hormone therapy or diuretic.  

    Q. Will the wrap treatments help with cellulite? 
    A. Yes, with a series of body wraps, results have shown a diminished appearance of cellulite and improved skin texture.

    Q. Can I reuse the wraps?
    A. Absolutely! Simply wash the wraps with mild detergent in hot water after every use. Dry in the dryer on high temperature, and re-roll for next time.

    Q. How is Slimmer Silhouette different than other wraps on the market?
    A. The Slimmer Silhouette Body Wrap System is not a weight or water loss program. It also remineralizes your body while helping you get rid of impurities and inches. Many clients have reported that by adding our body wraps to their weight loss plan, they experienced improved results in a shorter amount of time.        


    • Magnesium: necessary for proper muscle and nerve function. Activates over 300 enzymes in the body.
    • Chloride: Vital for digestive function. Keeps joints and tendons useful. Helps maintain acid base balance of the body.
    • Boron: Help keep bones healthy. Aids in Calcium and Magnesium metabolism.
    • Chromium: Helps maintain blood sugar levels. Important for energy production.
    • Zinc: Helps activate enzymes in the body. Supports immune system. Aids in wound healing. Selenium: Antioxidant. Helps cleanse heavy metals. Antagonistic toward heavy metal toxicity. Immune support. Healing and tissue repair.
    • Sulfur: Helps disinfects the blood. Aids the body in oxidation process. Helps protect cells against toxins.
    • Manganese: Required for glucose metabolism. Energy production and reproduction and an enzyme activator. 

      Type: Body Care

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