Kyocera Adjustable Ceramic Grinder Duo

  • If you like quality and durability, you will LOVE this Ceramic Grinder 2 pack from Kyocera, the leader in ceramic knives and kitchen tools.  I normally don't work with large companies because I like to support other small businesses but I love these guys. They provide high quality products that are made to last. 

    Whether you want to grind spices, seeds, or gourmet sea salts like ours, our Everything Grinder has got you covered. It's the one and only grinder you'll need in your kitchen. 

    Caroline's Comments: I love the sleek look of this grinder and the fact that the jar is glass. I have five of them in my kitchen because I have one for each of my salts and one for pepper. 

    Container holds 4.7 oz. Available in stainless steel.

    Made by Kyocera, Japan  

    • Rust-proof - This grinder will last you a VERY long time because the ceramic mechanism inside is non-reactive and will never rust.
    • Built to last - The grinding mechanism is made out of zirconium oxide, a ceramic that's close in hardness to a diamond which will outlast any metal-based grinding mechanisms on the market.
    • Maintains the fresh taste of spices - Because ceramic is chemically inert, the taste of whatever you grind up will not be altered as it is ground nor will the mechanism react to or absorb any flavors from the spices.
    • No more dirty counters! - The clever upright design of the mill will keep your shelves & counters clean from residual grinds.  
    • Coarse salt like our wonderful sea salts from Hawaii
    • Peppercorns
    • Seeds like sesame, flax, mustard, celery, or cumin
    • Any Dried Herb
    • Flakes like red pepper or parsley

Type: Kitchenware