Indigo Organic Concentrate: Clarity

  • Hone your senses and free your mind with Altearah Indigo Serum. It will offer you a high degree of mental clarity and keen emotional sharpness.

    Indigo is perfect for those of us who get lost in our thoughts, lack intuition, and/or need more clarity. Indigo is ideal during exam time or when you have a big project at work.

    Indigo helps develop our intuition and self-awareness, allowing us to connect with our true potential and greater consciousness. 

    Indigo helps with deeper, more restful sleep. Indigo also helps with sinus issues. Put a couple of drops around your sinuses and breathe in deeply.  

    Indigo helps you tackle your day with confidence and sound objectivity. It improves concentration and brings clarity.

    Indigo is the color of the universe, cosmos, clarity, identity, and intuition.

    The scent is sharp, peppery, and camphor-like.

    Handcrafted in France. 5 ml / 0.17 fl oz.  


  • Organic hemp oil and organic essential oils of Lemon, Cedar, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Geranium.
  • Put a few drops on your wrists and wear as a perfume and/or breathe in.

    Apply to specific areas to resolve deeper problems. Preferred areas of application: Forehead, sinuses, head, ears, temples and occipital region.

Type: Serums

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