Detox Package

Want to purify and cleanse your body? Our Detox Package combines two fantastic handcrafted products from France: Altearah's White Parfum de Soin and Orange Body Oil to help you look and feel your best.    

Use the White Parfum de Soin (30 ml / 1 fl oz) for your instant well-being and to purify and regenerate your body and mind.  It will help you:

  • Purify and regenerate your body at the end of the day--eliminate pollution of all kinds
  • Gain clarity--handle situations like never before
  • Get over jet lag--recover quickly from a long flight and time change
  • Relax and revitalize before any aesthetic care
  • Rediscover harmony and calm
  • Cleanse your body before and after an operation or after prolonged use of medication   

Use the Orange Body Oil (100 ml / 3 fl oz) to hydrate your body and maintain your energy. Feel reenergized, calm and rested with the wonderful citrus scent and healing properties of the aromatic composition found in the Altearah Orange Body Oil.  Use the Orange Body Oil to help:

  • Minimize the appearance of cellulite by applying on legs, thighs and/or buttocks
  • Relieve heavy legs and ankles at the end of the day--apply from the feet up to waist
  • Intestinal issues like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, water retention and poor elimination--use on the abdominal area and lower back
  • Menstrual cramps and irregularities--use directly on abdominal area   

Preferred areas of application: abdomen and lower back

Handcrafted in France.

Type: Packages

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