Bellabaci Facial Cups to Get Rid of Wrinkles, Bags Under the Eyes...

Imagine if you could easily and effectively minimize wrinkles, under eye bags, congestion, and much more by adding just a couple of minutes to your daily regimen? Now you can with the ultimate facial rejuvenation tool which uses the wisdom of ancient treatment combined with a modern twist. Use it daily to get the professional results we all want but without the hassle or the expense.

The Bellabaci Facial Cups Set consists of two long lasting superior grade medical silicone cups of different material to allow for adjusted suction.

Using the Bellabaci cups stimulates the skin which will result in an increase in blood circulation, prevent premature aging, and gently exfoliating the skin. In fact, this facial massage is a great way to remove the day’s stress from your face, giving you a relaxing, deep and comfortable massage while aiding in restoring a healthy youthful glow.

Type: Tools

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