Cold & Flu Season is here! Time to stock up on Colloidal Silver and Puremedy.

Altearah Skin Care Pack

Give your skin the best of the best with the Altearah skin care set. With this pack, you get:

  • 1 Face Wash
  • 1 Refreshing Toner
  • 1 Serum (choose between Turquoise, Royal Purple, or Silver)
  • 1 Sublime Cream

How to pick your serum:

ROYAL PURPLE: The Royal Purple color is regenerating. It boosts the energy of the various functions of the skin. It helps with cell renewal. 

TURQUOISE: The Turquoise color brings serenity. It is soothing and helps release tensions that are responsible for wrinkles. It has a Botox-like effect. It also helps with brightening the skin so is a great daytime serum.

SILVER: The Silver color repairs all the consequences of recurrent stress, shocks, or traumas. It restructures and restores the skin. It is recommended for very damaged skin.

Type: Skin Care

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