How to Pick your Color(s)


Altearah Color Test

The fourteen colors below were not chosen at random.  They allow you to deliberately or instinctively select at a glance the aromatic composition that will appeal to you and provide you the desired well-being.  Since they represent a clearly defined symbolism, they help you intuitively and assuredly chose what you enjoy or which Altearah Eau de Parfum you need.

How to take the Color Test

You will love the simplicity of the color test! All you have to do is take a look at all fourteen Altearah colors below and spontaneously choose the four colors that catch your eye, one color at a time. Write down the color you pick in the correct order. You'll understand why it's critical in a moment. Note: Do not click on the color squares until after you've done the test.


altearah-royal-purple-square.jpgaltearah-red-square.jpg altearah-orange-square.jpg altearah-gold-square.jpg altearah-yellow-square.jpg altearah-green-square.jpg altearah-emerald-square.jpg altearah-turquoise-square.jpg altearah-pink-square.jpg altearah-blue-square.jpg altearah-indigo-square.jpg altearah-purple-square.jpgaltearah-white-square.jpg altearah-silver-square.jpg 


Altearah Color Test Explained

  • The 1st color is the "pleasure" or mood color. It is the color that will bring you pleasure and help harmonize your mood. It is the color of the day.   
  • The 2nd color represents your deeper need. It is the color you need right now to help rebalance your body. It will help open the blocked chakras and let the energy flow again.  
  • The 3rd color is the 'helper" color that helps resolve issues relating to the second color. The third color makes it easier to mitigate the negative effects of the second-color deficiency. It is the color that will make you feel better. The more you use it, the better you will feel.  
  • The 4th color represents where you will be when you are in harmony. It is your destination in the not-so-distant future.


Your reaction to the Altearah Color Test and what it means

  • 1st case: If you perceive the fragrance as pleasant, then the need is momentary.  
  • 2nd case: If the fragrance is unpleasant or a little harsh even if just at first, then the imbalance is related to recent events.  
  • 3rd case: If the fragrance does not appeal to you at all, then the imbalance is profound and chronic. 

Which Altearah Eau de Parfum should I get?

You can of course benefit from all the colors especially since your mood and needs change all the time. Since we are focusing on the here and now though, here is what we recommend in order:

  • Start with the 2nd color. It is the most important color because it will rebalance a lack or excess of energy.  
  • Get the 3rd color if you realize that your need is great and the issue is chronic.  
  • Choose the 1st color . You can never go wrong with this color. It will always bring you pleasure and satisfaction!  


For example, if you picked the following colors in this order:
  1. red,
  2. purple,
  3. turqiouse, and
  4. emerald
We highly recommend you get the second color (purple in this example) and the first color (red in this example) Altearah Eau de Parfum.