BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellent Patches

Are you a mosquito magnet? I am and hate that! I've tried all kinds of natural mosquito repellent products over the years. Many work great but I've never liked having to rub or spray on a product to prevent mosquito bites. That is why I was so excited to discover these adhesive patches that stick to your clothing not your skin!


The Natural BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellent is made using non-woven fabric patches and infused with a combination of Citronella and other essential oils.

  • DEET-free - Does NOT contain DEET or Picaridin
  • Easy to apply and environment-friendly
  • Perfectly safe for kids
  • Provide strongest protection for first 8-12 hours then wears off over the next 24 hours 
  • Reusable - Put unused patches into the bag and seal it. BuzzPatch will last up to 24 months when in a sealed bag
  • 1 Pack = 60 patches of assorted colors 
  • No need to shower after use as the patches go on your clothing not your skin!

Mosquitoes are attracted to people because they sense the carbon dioxide (CO2) we emit when we exhale. There are certain compounds, like specific essential oils, that overpower the CO2 we emit, essentially hiding us from mosquitoes.

How many patches do you need?

  • Kids aged 0-2 need 1: One patch placed centrally on clothes (ie, on their jumpsuit on the stomach, chest)
  • Kids aged 3-5 need 2: One patch on the top clothing like a shirt or sweater and one on the bottom clothing like shorts or a skirt.
  • Kids aged 6+ and parents need 2-4: One patch on the clothing next to each exposed limb (one on the sleeve of both the left and right arm, and if wearing shorts, one on the left and right side of the shorts)

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