The Five Essential Organic Perfumes

Altearah has selected these 5 colors as the foundational and essential colors for everyone. Use Altearah's perfumes as a new way to perfume and care for yourself so you can experience immediate well being anytime and anywhere.

These perfumes, organized in five colors, each chosen according to their effect, are handcrafted in Provence to influence your mood, emotions, and energy through their colors and scents.

These 5 colors address most peoples concerns:

  1. Royal Purple helps recharge your batteries and give you more energy.
  2. Orange is great for creativity, organization, concentration and emotional connection.
  3. Emerald is for freshness, creating personal space and inner strength especially in times of overwhelm.
  4. Turquoise is the great anti-stress relief. It quiets the mind, restores calm and aids sleep.
  5. White helps cleans, motion sickness and jet lag. It's perfect for any type of cleansing whether it's emotional, psychological, or environmental. 


    Type: Perfumes

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