Gourmet White Sea Salt Refill (Coarse)

  • This is no ordinary white sea salt. Our premium all-natural white sea salt has a clean taste with no bitterness. Not only is it a freshly harvested all-natural sea salt from Molokai, Hawaii, it is untreated and unheated.

    You'll be amazed at the difference in taste, texture, and moisture! Not all sea salts are created equal.

    About Our Coarse White Sea Salt:

      • Contains natural elements, electrolytes, and trace minerals
      • All-natural - no artificial colors or flavors or preservatives
      • Unheated and untreated
      • Freshly harvested vs. mined from land deposits
      • Non-GMO

      Size: Comes in 6 oz pouch

      Comes from Hawaii. Packaged with love in Nevada.

    • Natural sea salt (contains plenty of naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes)
    • You can use this salt on anything. Use it to cook or simply sprinkle or crush over food.  It is delicious mixed in with a soft unsalted butter and fresh chopped rosemary. Slice a small baguette, put a dab of the butter mixture on top and oh-la-la, you're in heaven.  Other uses for this great salt:

      • Use in foot or regular baths
      • Use in a nedipot  


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