14-Color Organic Concentrate Box Set


Looking for organic concentrates but not sure which color to choose from? Look no further. For your aromatic delight, you can have them all with this nifty 14-color box set.  These concentrates are handcrafted in Provence to influence your mood, emotions, and energy through their colors and scents.

Because they have 30% concentration of essential oils (3 times what we have in our perfumes), the concentrates are intended for short term use (max 15 days in our specifics spot).

Each bottle is 5 ml making this set perfect for your handbag or when traveling.

These concentrates, organized in a range of 14 colors, each chosen according to their effect, are to be applied on specific areas of the body. You will receive a chart as to the meridians and pressure points on where to apply each color.l

Handcrafted in France. 14 x 5 ml  

    Type: Serums

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