Sea Buckthorn & Papaya Facial Cleansing Oil

Saved by Roses

  • Cleanse, clarify, and nourish your face in one easy step with our new handcrafted daily cleansing oil. 

    Made with pure botanical extracts of lavender, rosemary, palmarosa, and lemongrass which are known for their highly antiseptic properties and ideal for tending to skin issues caused by acne, shaving, and other irritations.  

    Suitable for all skin types and perfect for daily use to revitalize a dull complexion and leave skin clear, supple, and radiant.

    The notion of cleansing with pure oil may seem unusual but it is actually an ancient method of cleansing and ideal for the purpose, given the ecology of the skin.  Our skin produces its own oil/sebum and, through affinity, other oils are superbly effective at breaking up the accumulated facial oils and dirt of the day, as well as dissolving make-up.  This provides thorough cleansing while preserving the delicate lipid balance of the skin’s mantle.  Not all oils are equally suited for the task, however, and contained in this formula are oils specifically chosen for their optimal qualities.  Theses qualities consist of similarity to the skin’s own natural oil (papaya); nutritional and healing profile (sea buckthorn, tamanu, acai, rice bran, lavender); “lightness” and astringency (hazelnut); and antiseptic qualities (lavender, palmarosa, rosemary, lemongrass) .  Key botanical ingredients in this formula are renowned for their ability to tighten pores and have a toning effect that improves skin tautness.

    Handcrafted in the USA. 50 ml

    *All sales final.

  • Gently massage the cleansing oil around your face and wipe away with a clean wet cloth.  Because the oils cleanse deeply and effectively, there's no need for soap.
  • All organic and/or wild-harvested: papaya seed oil, hazelnut oil, rice bran oil, supercritical sea buckthorn berry, tamanu oil, acai oil; lavender, rosemary, palmarosa, lemongrass.

Type: Skin Care

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