Salt & Grinder Combo

XL Vita

Get the best of both worlds! Whether you want ground spices, seeds, or gourmet sea salts like ours, the Everything Grinder that's included in this package is the one and only grinder you'll need! Or if you're like me, I have one for each of my salts and my peppercorn blend because I want to keep the daily staples handy. 

What you Get in this Package:

  • 1 Black Everything Ceramic Grinder
  • 1 2 oz of your favorite gourmet sea salt coarse (pick Black Lava, Bamboo Jade, Red Lava, White, or Smoked)

Container holds 4.7 oz.

I love that you can use this grinder for anything. Where you want to add peppercorn, seeds like flax or sesame, herbs, or your favorite salts from XL Vita, this grinder does it all! 

What I love about this grinder:

  • It's rust-proof - The ceramic mechanism is non-reactive & will never rust.
  • It's durable - The durability of this ceramic mechanism will outlast any metal-based grinding mechanisms.
  • No more dirty counters! - The upright design of the grinder keeps your shelves and counters clean from residual grinds.  Who does't love that! I especially disliked that with peppercorn but that is no longer an issue. :)

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