Rose Velvet Illuminating Satin Serum

Saved by Roses

  • The essence of southern France all gathered into one luxurious serum to give your skin the best of the best… roses, lavender, and greenery bathed in sunshine.

    Breathe deeply and take in the sublime.  A few light dabs will ignite your skin's luminosity and glow.  Fresh notes of neroli blossom and citrus alight this regenerative rose elixir.  A delight for both your skin and spirit.  Raison d’être: moisturizing, regenerative, wrinkle softening, repairing, and uplifting.

    Handcrafted in the USA. 15 ml

    * All sales final.

  • For effortless application and the thinnest layer of serum, glide over a wet face. This seals in the hydration and hydroplanes a small amount of product over a large area of skin. You'll only need a few drops. 
  • All organic and/or wild harvested: Rose hip seed oil, prickly pear cactus seed oil, chia seed oil*, rose hip fruit oil*, rose otto, alpine lavender, neroli, german chamomile*, cape chamomile, grapefruit, bourbon geranium, lemon.  
    *Supercritically extracted.

Type: Skin Care

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