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Limited Edition Home Fragrance Ambiance Perfume Celebration Box

Time to celebrate with Altearah's limited edition Celebration Box. This new range offers the perfect gift for all occasions whether it's a birthday, Christmas, wedding, and New Year's Eve, or just a joyous moment that you want to share with others.

The Celebration Box contains two festive colors, gold and silver. 

The gold color evokes self-confidence, personal radiance. It is ideal to spray in your home so you and your guests can shine. That's why we associated the keywords "Radiate" with it.

The Silver color evokes the present moment, enjoying the moment. It is perfect to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. We have associated the keyword Carpe Diem with it. 

Thanks to the Les Parfums d'Ambiance, you can now share the gift of Altearah  with your guests and enjoy a good time together.  

>> What is the difference between Ambiance Perfumes and Parfums de Soin? 

The composition of Altearah colors remains the same, but their concentration changes between the two products. 

These home fragrances are more suitable than wellness perfumes for use in the home: they are less concentrated in essential oils, which makes it possible to spray them everywhere. 

Through this change in concentration, you will rediscover Altearah fragrances: the olfactory pyramid that composes them will express itself differently over time. 

In olfaction, you rub your hands and breathe, which allows you to take full advantage of the top note and heart note of the Care Fragrance. In this Ambiance Perfume, it is the heart note and the base note that will be felt. 

You may even have trouble recognizing the perfume! 

>> Can I use them anywhere in my house? 

Yes, you can use Ambiance Perfumes in all rooms. We recommend that you spray them on furniture, fabrics... for better hold. They don't stain. 

Type: Perfumes

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