Kyocera Non-Stick Ceramic Pan


  • You want to be healthy so you're careful about what you eat. But what about your pans? Do your non-stick pans stick or have scratches? Then, it's time to replace them.

    If you want what's best for you and your family, you'll love Kyocera high performance and high quality nonstick ceramic pans. They are by far the best non-stick ceramic pans I have ever used. 

    Cook every meal with the non-stick performance that's safe, scratch resistant and provides quick and even heat distribution. Not only that, Kyocera’s proprietary ceramic nonstick coating technology has been shown to outperform and outlast other leading brands. 

    • Safe - PTFE-free, PFOA-free, Cadmium-free
    • Quick and even heat distribution - cook every meal to perfection 
    • Oven safe at 400 degrees F  
    • Exceptional scratch and abrasion resistance
    • Recommended on all cooking surfaces including induction
    • Easy to clean
    • Made by the leader in ceramics since 1959

    Pans come in 8", 10", and 12".

  • Always lightly coat the surface of the ceramic fry pan with oil before you start cooking unless the food is high in fat content.  

    Cook with low or medium heat. Why? Because this ceramic cookware heats evenly and retains heat well. When you use high heat, it causes food to stick to the pan, which can discolor and even damage the surface.

    Rinse the fry pan in warm water promptly after cooking to remove excess food and grease. Don't let it sit on the hot stovetop. Doing so can damage the pan. Never put an empty ceramic fry pan on a hot burner.     

    Storage: Store your ceramic fry pans separately from all other cookware, including other ceramic pans. Make sure not to stack other cookware in your ceramic fry pan.

Type: Kitchenware

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